Apollo: Cassandra made easy in nodejs

Here in 3logic we are proud to have recently developed Apollo. Apollo is a brand new Apache Cassandra ORM for nodejs. You will have a convenient way to model your cassandra tables into javascript models and interact with them without having to deal with queries directly (even if it's still possible). Apollo, with a minimal configuration, will take care of connecting and quering the database. We developed Apollo due to a lack of similar projects. It was difficult even to find a driver for cassandra until we found node-cassandra-cql which is now hosted directly from datastax under the name of nodejs-driver (which is the driver on top of which Apollo is based). We were working on a project which involved Cassandra, Hadoop and other technologies for data storing and analysis. Having experience with MongoDB and the beautiful Mongoose, it was surprising to discover that no similar project exists for Cassandra. This is why we started developing it. When the base code was ready to be used internally we decided to release it. It's not a matter of willing to release, it's a matter of writing a good documentation and of commenting code. But documentation and reviewed code ( with complete tests ) could only help Apollo to grow strong so here we are with the first release. It still need some features and, of course, your support, but it's completely stable and usable so just go discover it! Apollo on NPM Apollo on github Complete Api reference